Agriculture Youth Summit is a livestock, fisheries, crops and post harvesting conference convened to equip and inspire African youth to pursue entrepreneurial careers in farming and agro-processing. The primary objectives of the Summit are to facilitate agricultural skills and knowledge transfer to young people with untapped potential; to identify and encourage young talent to come up with new innovative and actionable solutions in agriculture; to assist the empowered youth to setup agricultural cooperatives and run farming operations and agri parks; to create a platform for our network partners to provide mentoring and funding to the operating youth-owned agricultural cooperatives; and to facilitates food processing, packaging and storage facilities supported by strong marketing and distribution of the cooperatives' produce.


AFRENCO is a non-governmental organisation conceived to unlock the economic potential of African youth. The organisation connects the broad mass of underserved youth to adequate business support, funding and mentorship with a goal of equipping them with the skills, knowledge and resources needed to successfully trade in global markets. We establish strong relations with governments and companies concerned with entrepreneurial development of young people - making their expertise and resources available to youth-owned cooperatives. With of our deep trade and investment experience, AFRENCO can put your brand in front of decision makers, pre, during and post the Summit. African Entrepreneurs Congress conducts deep market research, and consults with industry insiders to ensure that the Summit content meets rigorous standards.

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Agriculture Youth Summit is featuring more aspiring young entrepreneurs, researchers, policy makers and industry experts from a wider range of countries, guaranteeing young delegates an overwhelming amount of knowledge about agricultural opportunities in Africa. We have structured the Summit with more panels and unique session formats designed to challenge speakers, engage young people and provide a highly stimulating atmosphere for industry update and debate for all involved. This gathering enables unique learning opportunities for grade12 learners, agricultural students and unemployed young graduates alike. Speakers include Ministers, HODs, CEOs, Directors, Managers and their teams - creating an excellent mix of knowledge and insights on every level.

South African Minister
Rural Development
and Land Reform



AFRENCO continues to champion the public-private partnerships and create a central platform for all stakeholders in agriculture.

Africa has the fastest population growth projected between now and 2050, and the highest youth population in the world. It is crucial that the private sector and governments factor this 'youth bulge' into their corporate social investment and national development planning. By actively engaging with network partners, we continuously address the systemic issues behind the youth unemployment and food insecurity in Africa through transformative economic policies, CSI and ESD spending. With the Agriculture Youth Summit, AFRENCO aims to achieve greater socio-economic change for young people in Africa through the strengthening of our footprint strategy and operational capacity. Download the partnership brochure and find out how you can become our Network Partner and create a brighter future for underserved youth in your region.

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